Our Services


We provide Accounting Services and other compliance services on a fixed monthly retainer. These services are tailored to the specific needs and are all inclusive.

Accounting Services

1. Monthly Management Accounts Packs composed of the following

  • - Trial balance for the month including year to date monthly trial balance.
  • -Statement of comprehensive income and statement of financial position (summarized) including year to date monthly breakdown
  • -Sales and accounts receivable analysis.


Financial record keeping is of utmost importance for all new and existing businesses. Our approach to accounting is direct and systematic.

Our Services entail:

  • Processing of management accounts


In many cases, good accounting is rooted in completing regular administrative tasks. But it’s important, too, that the numbers always make sense.

  •   -Bookkeeping for companies, trusts, sole proprietorships and partnerships
  • -Bookkeeping for small businesses
  • -Accounting and Bookkeeping Administration
  • -Issuing BEE certificates and shareholders certificates
  • -Accounting Consulting
  • -Preparing accounting records
  • -Processing financial transactions, bank recons and management accounts
  • -Preparing budgets, cash flow reports and management reports
  • -Preparing reports at month-end and year-end
  • -Consulting on information systems and accounting control
  • -Analysing and re-structuring balance sheet
2. Annual work to be performed:
  • -Computation and compilation of the Annual Financial Statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • -Computation and compilation income tax for the year.
  • -Filing of Income tax for the year (IT14).
  • -Company's provisional tax computation as required by the income tax act
  •   -Filing of provisional tax thereof


Due to high levels of statutory requirements, taxation has become a crucial consideration for both businesses and individuals. We therefore have a specialised tax division which offer a comprehensive service ranging from tax compliance through to tax planning. A British Judge, Lord Clyde, once said "No man in this country is under the smallest obligation, moral or otherwise, to arrange his legal relations to his business or to his property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel into his stores".

  • -Personal Taxation
  • -Corporate Taxation
  •   -New Registrations
  • -Submissions of Statutory Requirements
  • -Tax clearance certificates
  •   -Assistance with objections and appeals
  • -statutory tax returns
  • -Preparing Conducting corporate tax assessments
  • -Verification of assessments
  • -Making VAT and PAYE calculations
  • -Submitting tax returns and making submissions to SARS
  • -Registration for various taxes and levies


1. Monthly Payroll services:

Payroll management? No-one’s favorite job. At Dikwekwe Accounting Services we know the ins and outs of payroll-related tax laws and regulatory mandates, and we can help you

  •  -Capturing of employees monthly payroll
  •  -Generation of payslips and sent to employees (Via email)
  •  -Electronically filling IRP5 documents
  •  -Computation of PAYE. UIF and SDL on a monthly basis
  •  -Filing of PAYE, UIF and SDL on a monthly basis with SARS (EMP201)
  •  -Compliance with various statutory requirements and returns


2. Annual Payroll services:

  •  -Preparation of employees IRP5’s and IT3a at the end of each tax period for employees
  •  -Computation of the EMP501 (Employer Reconcilation Declaration) bi annually when due on the 1st of March and 1st of September.
  • Value Adding Services
  •  -Assisting in Pastel accounting system implementation on client’s request.
  •  -Application for tax clearance at SARS.
  •  -Monthly meetings with our qualified chartered accountants to discuss the financials with the client.
  •  -Free drafting of cash flow forecast for the client at their time of request..
  •  -24/7 availability of our stuff members for consultation


Every business has changes to its company information. Dikwekwe Financial Advisory is able to assist with the fast and effective maintenance of secretarial records and statutory returns, while disclosing necessary information to CIPC and keeping your details up to date. The foundation of an entity lies in the formation:

  •  -Company and Corporation Formations
  •  -Company and Corporation amendments
  •  -Amendments of directors and members
  •  -CSD registration
  •  -Restorations and changes to entities when required
  •  -Compliance with various statutory requirements and returns
  •  -Maintaining of Share Registers and Share Transfers